Make a Greek version of any dish


I have made a very successful cooking experiment today, and managed to confirm the validity of a novel technique in leftover management that I have devised also today, but slightly earlier. This post won't quite touch upon whether any idea can be truly new, but it will hopefully still teach you something.


  • one pack of pita breads, preferably wholemeal
  • cooked, pressure-packed beetroot
  • Greek style yoghurt
  • literally any leftovers

My ingredient #4 happened to be couscous fried with courgettes, tomatoes, and a good bit of thyme.

Preparation time

Under ten minutes.


Follow the instructions on your pack of beetroot. Mine said sous-vide, so I've plopped the whole pack into boiling water. Also heat up your leftovers, for this I recommend you follow the instructions on your microwave.

Put the pitas into a toaster for a bit, and cut them in half. The order is important as they cut much easier after toasting: the Internet shall owe this tip to my housemate Bogdan. Also cut up the beetroot, and open the yoghurt if you haven't already.

After this, you're on your own. I'm not aiming to make this a Wiki recipes entry, and you can't have a really good meal without really good company so I will leave the rest of planning to you. You should aim for a result like this:


Stay tuned for my future cooking tips - I also know how to make a Mexican version of any dish, with the use of fajitas and cheese.