DIY lamp cover


Artificial lighting is one of the big inventions we take for granted, and perhaps not rightly so, since its role has really grown in our lives since its inception. Today it not only it lets us work in factories for longer but also to decouple ourselves from the sun; it influences our moods and sleep patterns. We spend our days in places like offices, where we don't really choose what the lighting is and where, and perhaps it is not set up to our benefit - if your workplace always seems super energising, they probably have these casino-style ultrablue lights and you don't even realise. Take control of the lighting when you can, which certainly should be in your own house. In this post I'm going to teach you how to make a lamp cover from readily available materials.

The elephant side lamp

This is a good design for a side lamp that is too bright:

You need three coat hangers, and a piece of material. Do not try this with fewer coat hangers, as you will create a fire risk!

That's all! Very simple. With this trick, you can have a different looking room every week.

I used to have a paper lamp cover, but it wasn't sufficiently fireproof and made my landlord a bit squeamish. Which is understandable, he doesn't know that I would be there and put the fire out if it started. And I am concerned about safety too, just as much as I am concerned about health!

Bonus -DIY lava lamp

You probably wanna use a LED light for this:

It's not quite as bubbly as a commercial lava lamp, but isn't it of similar color?