As of 2018, I live in Cambridge, UK.

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I come from Gołuchów, a village in Poland - becoming more of a small town now. My family still lives there:

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I'm not posting the address but you can walk around the Zachodnia, Kwiatowa and Osiedlowa, meet someone, and ask for Bażanty or Jackowskie. Say how you know me, "I found the website on the internet and thought it'd be really cool to travel" is good enough actually. You'll be told where we live, by probably the first person you meet. Come, ring the bell, and explain what you're doing- you are very invited for tea, my grandparents will be very happy to host you and will probably laugh very hard after you tell them how you got invited (especially if this is how you ended up going to Gołuchów in the first place).