I offer services involving processing text, automation, and organizing data.

I can help you with:
  • data held in maps / websites / PDFs that you would rather have in a single spreadsheet
  • a manual computer task that you repeat a lot
  • information you can't process, because there's too much of it to look at

Here's my email address:

What can I do?

I have spent a lot of my time learning the kind of programming that was interesting to me, particularly Perl and UNIX, and relied on it daily since I have working in bioinformatics - "big data in biology". I ended up with a skill set that lets me retrieve information from various sources, transform it, and put it in convenient formats.

I might be able to implement something uncommon that you think a computer should still be able to do for you, or complete a task are considering hiring someone to just sit and click for a long time.

A result of our engagement could be an updated spreadsheet, a custom report, or a quick website visualising your data. If you need a process in place, I can also work with you to integrate the automation into your workflow.

Thinking I might be a good fit for your startup?

There are many exciting areas of technology, like augmented reality, and many traditional businesses, like real estate lending, that can be a great opportunity for someone with a good idea. It is a long journey from the idea to its implementation: turning that initial spark into specification, then a product, then searching for the market for it. I would be happy to provide services to you - we can work out a contract or a consultancy agreement - but I am not ready to become a CTO of a company just yet. So if you are not looking for a CTO, please do write to me!