They could all be yours!


Capodaster for a guitar

Capodaster for a guitar.


Protractor, from someone who relied on such items for their engineering degree in the early nineties

Drawing pins

Drawing pins, I don't really draw but you could find them useful

Kitchen, house, and garden

Rosemary plants

Rosemary plants


Tealights. About 18 left.

Whittard's tea set

Whittard's tea set. The cups need a wash, the kettle was used semi-regularly.


Thermoses, quantity: two


Teapot. A bit plasticky but very functional.


Pullup bar

Pullup bar, goes under a doorframe, only a bit wobbly

Thing for stretching like a bow

Thing for stretching like a bow. Could be a good exercise thing.

Cricket set

Cricket set

Martial arts things

Martial arts things, including a groin guard and shin pads, good if you're about to get kicked. Also hand wraps, good for your wrists.

Large kimono

Large kimono, very loose, not good for judo or grappling sports and is essentially a white outfit. Lightly used


Football, very good but needs pumping up


Basketball, very good but needs pumping up


Rainjacket for cycling

Rainjacket for cycling, size L. Quite heavy, succeeds at keeping rain out.

Autumn jacket for cycling

Autumn jacket for cycling, size L.

Less warm jacket for cycling

Less warm jacket for cycling, size L. Windproof but only handles light rain. I've cycled through the winter relying on this jacket and a variable number of woolen sweaters.

Bike basket

Bike basket.

Four broken bikes

Four broken bikes. Two very broken bikes, one bike that only has a bottom bracket broken but has cotter pin pedals I couldn't take out to fix, and one bike that is old, but not actually broken


Pedals. I don't remember why I have them.

New brake pads

New brake pads, good for a mountain bike probably, were too thick for a road bike.


Gloves, pretty good, and they're in a pair so you don't have to cycle in two different gloves picked up from a fence!

DIY and construction materials

Protective gear

Protective gear, for an upper body part

Hard shoes

Hard shoes


Slate, good for signs

A towing cable

A towing cable, or something like that. Stretches.

Wooden slats

Wooden slats, from a bed, some cut into smaller pieces. Very nice soft wood.

Wooden slats

Wooden slats, from a former bed head.

Rectangular wooden piece

Rectangular wooden piece

Wooden construction beams

Wooden construction beams

Used inner tubes

Used inner tubes, really good for attaching things to your bike


Nails, originally from Cutlacks for 1.29

Egg cartons

Egg cartons


Cable, if you had a lock you could secure things with it


Magazines. Mostly Nature and The Economist, could have good pictures for cutting out


IT bitsMouse

IT bitsMouse, two Ethernet cables, and a webcam

Essential oils

Essential oils, aniseed, jojoba and frankinsense. Not likely to be helpful for serious diseases, but good for other applications.

Broken watch

Broken watch, I think it could be repaired. Cost about 50 pounds some years ago, Dolce and Gabbana brand, suits someone who wants a watch for bling but not a working one, perhaps because every device available is telling us the time these days

Thermal socks

Thermal socks, very tall.


Lock, combination unknown but you could check them all!

Nice container for tea or anything else!

Nice container for tea or anything else!

Nice container

Nice container, for waffles or similar round items

Container from originally cocoa

Container from originally cocoa, super good for keeping moisture out as it is lighter than a jar. Suits person with a good memory, because as opposed to a jar you can't see what's inside. I have about five of these.


Bottles, a very extensive collection. Good if you brew. Some are large one litre bottles.


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